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Leather care

Treat your leather covers as you would treat real leather shoes or handbags!

Example: Don’t touch the leather covers with hands smeared with suntan lotion!  Many of these products contain substances that can react with the leather and cause stains, discoloration and detachment of the dye layer.

Leather care

We use high-quality genuine leather only for our leather covers.
The durability and beauty of this natural material is especially enhanced by careful cleaning and material-specific care.So you can enjoy your covers as long as possible, you will get a beeswax balm with your order for optimal care of the leather.Genuine beeswax, high quality oils and other important conditioning contents make the leather soft, supple and water repellent – even maintaining breathability. This product is guaranteed resin- and acid-free and purely natural, ie. it can also be used on the belly strap, not harming your little one.

Application: Use a soft cloth to rub the leather thin and evenly. Let it soak overnight. Polishing increases the gloss.


First try to brush off dirt or stains carefully in dry state (eg with old toothbrush)

If that doesn’t help you can wipe them gently with vinegar water. Mix cold water with a very small amount of vinegar. Then you watereth a soft cloth with that and gently rub the stains out. The cloth for leather care should be clean and must not rub off!


If the covers have become wet, let them dry slowly and never directly near heat sources (hairdryer, heating, …). Quick drying makes the leather brittle.


Waterproofing sprays protect leather against water and dirt but they can cause bronchi and lung damage.

They often contain
ingredients that may harm your child when eg. biting or sucking the bumper bar cover.

We therefore recommend that instead of a waterproofing spray you use the all-natural beesway balm you get included with your order.