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Lacing guide

Short, rather straight handle bars & bumper bars

1. Stitch through the first pre-punched hole in the leather from outside to inside.

Some bars have a groove between the plastic and the foam part – you can tie the cord around that and tighten it, so you get a better hold.

2. Now stitch on the opposite first hole from inside to outside.
You should now have two cords sticking outside, both should be same length. Push/hold the leather together with one hand and pull tight.

3. Stitch again with one thread through the opposite first hole from outside to inside and again on other side from inside to outside. Pull straight.
Now check again that the cover is positioned in the center of the bar, it’s hard to slip when you’ve finished lacing.

4. Hold the leather sides together with one hand, choose one cord and lace through first opposite stitch.
Then through every second stitch opposite, means always skip one.
With one hand you pull the leather together and lace with the other hand.
It doesn’t matter if there’s still a gap between the leather sides, it will close later. After a few centimeters you pull the cord tighter with the needle.

5. Then you take the other cord and start again lacing through first opposite stitch and then every other stitch, the ones we left out earlier. Go on until where you stopped with first cord.

6. Then you start pulling this first part tight.
Please be sure not to tear to hard at the stitches, but push the leather together with one hands thumb and forefinger until the gap closes and then tighten the string with the needle.

7. Continue like this until you’ve laced the whole bar.
Then start again at the beginning with tightening the thread.
The more patience you spend on tightening, the smoother and more beautiful is the result.

8. When lacing the end part, it’s important that you stitch again through the pre-punched holes in the leather, not just the sewn stitches.

Make the last stitch through the hole from outside to inside, on opposite site from inside to outside and again on other side from outside to inside, so that both cord ends are on the inside of the cover.

Now pull really straight and make a knot on the inside of the cover.

Cut the cords and push the ends under the leather.

If you want to reuse your covers, leave the cords a bit longer and hide them under the leather.

Download instructions

Download the lacing instructions for short, straight bars as pdf.