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ECO - finest vegetable tanned leather


ecopell is pure, very soft, vegetable tanned cowhide leather. Made in Germany – and one of the most environmentally friendly leathers worldwide!

ecopell leather are dyed with synthetic dyes and without the use of heavy metals . In contrast to the conventional chrome tanning pure vegetable tanning agents are used so that genuine leather stays a noble and harmless natural product.


Naturalness mustn’t be hidden, individuality is a sign of quality. That is why our leather also shows marks of a cow life living in bio husbandry and is neither embossed nor sealed with plastics.

Because of the unsealed surface without chemical impregnation, it is very breathable, allergy-free and has a high skin tolerance.

More Info

You can find all info on
ecopell Website:

» Leaflets

» Test results

» Vegetable Tannage


» Care instructions


Please read this carefully before buying a product with ECO leather!

Disadvantages of ECO-LEATHER

ECO Leather is very soft and nice to touch, however, it is not as well suited for stroller accessories like our PRO leather due to the following points:

  • ECO leather is optically not perfect, it can have lighter / darker areas, small scars, different grain, etc. (see right)
  • It is not an “OUTDOOR” leather, which means rain and wetness can lead to spots that might not fully disappear after drying
  • Because the surface of ECO leather is not treated or sealed, it is worn out easier than common leather (eg. by forming a patina, lighter/darker areas, …) and it’s not as robust against scratches.
  • ECO Leder is very stretchy, it might get wider with time so covers will get looser.


Characteristics of ECO-LEATHER

Due to the natural treatment of eco-leather, it is visually not as “perfect” as conventional leather.
It may have characteristic features such as lighter / darker areas in coloring, small scars, etc.

These are not defects or signs of poor quality and not a reason for complaint!

If you opt for a Stylebug product of ecopell leather, you will get a very nice, smooth, vegetable tanned leather with all facets of nature!

Therefore we recommend ECO leather only if the natural vegetable production is more important to you than the points listed above.